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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2015 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  A Call For A Backward Design To Knowledge Translation - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Shanghai Rising: Health Improvements As Measured By Avoidable Mortality Since 2000 - صفحه:7-12

  tick  Adherence To Informed Consent Standards In Shiraz Hospitals: Matrons Perspective - صفحه:13-18

  tick  Planning And Developing Services For Diabetic Retinopathy In Sub-Saharan Africa - صفحه:19-28

  tick  Inequity In Hospitalization Care: A Study On Utilization Of Healthcare Services In West Bengal, India - صفحه:29-38

  tick  Addressing Geriatric Oral Health Concerns Through National Oral Health Policy In India - صفحه:39-42

  tick  Responsibilising Managers And Clinicians, Neglecting System Health? What Kind Of Healthcare Leadership Development Do We Want? Comment On “Leadership And Leadership Development In Healthcare Settings - صفحه:43-44

  tick  Who Doesn’T Want To Be A Leader? Leaders Are Such Wonderful People Comment On “Leadership And Leadership Development In Healthcare Settings - A Simplistic Solution To Complex Problems?” - صفحه:45-47

  tick  Will Universal Health Coverage (Uhc) Lead To The Freedom To Lead Flourishing And Healthy Lives? Comment On “Inequities In The Freedom To Lead A Flourishing And Healthy Life: Issues For Healthy Public - صفحه:49-51

  tick  Nudge, Embarrassment, And Restriction—Replies To Voigt, Tieffenbach, And Saghai - صفحه:53-54

  tick  Ebola Treatment And Prevention Are Not The Only Battles: Understanding Ebola-Related Fear And Stigma - صفحه:55-56

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