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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2013 - دوره:1 - شماره:2

  tick  Buying Health: The Costs Of Commercialization And An Alternative Philosophy - صفحه:91-93

  tick  Food Taxes: A New Holy Grail? - صفحه:95-97

  tick  Challenges For Policy Makers And Organizational Leaders: Addressing Trends In Mental Health Inequalities - صفحه:99-101

  tick  A Brief Philosophical Encounter With Science And Medicine - صفحه:103-105

  tick  Denial Of Treatment To Obese Patients—The Wrong Policy On Personal Responsibility For Health - صفحه:107-110

  tick  Health And Wellness Policy Ethics - صفحه:111-113

  tick  Medicine And The Task Of Healing - صفحه:115-116

  tick  Ethical Agreement And Disagreement About Obesity Prevention Policy In The United States - صفحه:117-120

  tick  Is Patient Choice The Future Of Health Care Systems? - صفحه:121-123

  tick  Biopharmaceutical Innovation System And The Influence Of Policies: The Case Of Taiwan (2000-2008) - صفحه:125-130

  tick  Outcome Evaluation Of Therapeutic Community Model In Iran - صفحه:131-135

  tick  Reasons For Discharge Against Medical Advice: A Case Study Of Emergency Departments In Iran - صفحه:137-142

  tick  Patients’ Awareness Of Their Rights: Insight From A Developing Country - صفحه:143-146

  tick  Globalization As A Driver Or Bottleneck For Sustainable Development: Some Empirical, Cross-National Reflections On Basic Issues Of International Health Policy And Management - صفحه:147-155

  tick  Informal Payments In Healthcare: A Case Study Of Kerman Province In Iran - صفحه:157-162

  tick  Comparison Of The Effects Of Public And Private Health Expenditures On The Health Status: A Panel Data Analysis In Eastern Mediterranean Countries - صفحه:163-167

  tick  Occupational Stress And Turnover Intention: Implications For Nursing Management - صفحه:169-176

  tick  The Governance Of Health Systems; Comment On “A Network Based Theory Of Health Systems And Cycles Of Well-Being” - صفحه:177-179

  tick  Factoring Health Equations; Comment On “Do You Recommend An Interdisciplinary Field To Your Graduate Student?” - صفحه:181-182

  tick  Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Not A “Holy Grail” But A Cup At Least Half; Comment On “Food Taxes: A New Holy Grail?” - صفحه:183-185

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