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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2013 - دوره:1 - شماره:4

  tick  Paying People To Be Healthy - صفحه:245-246

  tick  Rivers Of Evidence - صفحه:247-249

  tick  Patient Safety And Healthcare Quality: The Case For Language Access - صفحه:251-253

  tick  Gaining Insight Into The Prevention Of Maternal Death Using Narrative Analysis: An Experience From Kerman, Iran - صفحه:255-259

  tick  Verification Of A Quality Management Theory: Using A Delphi Study - صفحه:261-271

  tick  Customers’ Complaints And Its Determinants: The Case Of A Training Educational Hospital In Iran - صفحه:273-277

  tick  Change Theory For Accounting System Reform In Health Sector: A Case Study Of Kerman University Of Medical Sciences In Iran - صفحه:279-285

  tick  Avoidable Mortality Differences Between Rural And Urban Residents During 2004–2011: A Case Study In Iran - صفحه:287-293

  tick  Senior Managers’ Viewpoints Toward Challenges Of Implementing Clinical Governance: A National Study In Iran - صفحه:295-299

  tick  The Effect Of Fiscal Decentralization On Under-Five Mortality In Iran: A Panel Data Analysis - صفحه:301-306

  tick  Can Social Contagion Help Global Health ‘Jump The Shark’?; Comment On “How To Facilitate Social Contagion?” - صفحه:307-310

  tick  Financial Incentives: Only One Piece Of The Workplace Wellness Puzzle; Comment On “Corporate Wellness Programs: Implementation Challenges In The Modern American Workplace” - صفحه:311-312

  tick  Ethical Standards To Guide The Development Of Obesity Policies And Programs; Comment On “Ethical Agreement And Disagreement About Obesity Prevention Policy In The United States” - صفحه:313-315

  tick  Sticking With Carrots And Sticks (Sticking Points Aside): A Response To Ventakapuram, Goldberg, And Forrow - صفحه:317-318

  tick  Do We Know What We Do Not Know? A Response To Celine Bonnet - صفحه:319-320

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