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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2018 - دوره:7 - شماره:3

  tick  Bric Health Systems And Big Pharma: A Challenge For Health Policy And Management - صفحه:201-206

  tick  The Urgency To Mitigate The Spread Of Hepatitis C In Pakistan Through Blood Transfusion Reform - صفحه:207-209

  tick  Human Dignity As Leading Principle In Public Health Ethics: A Multi-Case Analysis Of 21st Century German Health Policy Decisions - صفحه:210-224

  tick  Prevalence Of Hav Ab, Hev (Igg), Hsv2 Igg, And Syphilis Among Sheltered Homeless Adults In Tehran, 2012 - صفحه:225-230

  tick  Using Complexity And Network Concepts To Inform Healthcare Knowledge Translation - صفحه:231-243

  tick  A Critical Analysis Of Purchasing Arrangements In Kenya: The Case Of The National Hospital Insurance Fund - صفحه:244-254

  tick  Comparing The Income Elasticity Of Health Spending In Middleincome And Highincome Countries: The Role Of Financial Protection - صفحه:255-263

  tick  Adopting New International Health Instruments – What Can We Learn From The Fctc?; Comment On “The Legal Strength Of International Health Instruments What It Brings To Global Health Governance?” - صفحه:264-267

  tick  Populism, Exclusion, Posttruth. Some Conceptual Caveats; Comment On “The Rise Of Posttruth Populism In Pluralist Liberal Democracies: Challenges For Health Policy” - صفحه:268-271

  tick  Toward Customized Care; Comment On “(Re) Making The Procrustean Bed? Standardization And Customization As Competing Logics In Healthcare” - صفحه:272-274

  tick  State Support: A Prerequisite For Global Health Network Effectiveness; Comment On “Four Challenges That Global Health Networks Face” - صفحه:275-277

  tick  Health Services Research Spending And Healthcare System Impact; Comment On “Public Spending On Health Service And Policy Research In Canada, The United Kingdom, And The United States: A Modest Proposal” - صفحه:278-281

  tick  Challenges Facing Global Health Networks: The Ncd Alliance Experience; Comment On “Four Challenges That Global Health Networks Face” - صفحه:282-285

  tick  Why Learning How To Chase Butterflies Matters: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:286-287

  tick  How Political Science Can Contribute To Public Health: A Response To Gagnon And Colleagues - صفحه:288-289

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