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   Asia Pacific Journal Of Medical Toxicology   
سال:2013 - دوره:2 - شماره:2

  tick  Empowerment Of Medical Toxicology In Asia Pacific Region - صفحه:36-36

  tick  An Outbreak Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Yamagata Prefecture Following The Great East Japan Earthquake - صفحه:37-41

  tick  Estonian Experience On Establishment Of A Modern National Poison Information Centre: One-Year Profile Of Phone Calls In 2012 - صفحه:42-47

  tick  Descriptive Analysis Of Recorded Phone Calls To Iran Drug And Poison Information Centers During 2011-2012 - صفحه:48-51

  tick  Investigating Childhood And Adolescence Poisoning Exposures In New Zealand Reported To The National Poisons Centre During 2000-2009 - صفحه:52-57

  tick  Late-Onset Radiologic Findings Of Respiratory System Following Sulfur Mustard Exposure - صفحه:58-62

  tick  Acute Chemical And Pharmaceutical Poisoning Cases Treated In Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad: One Year Study - صفحه:63-67

  tick  Low Molecular Weight Heparin Overdose: A 10 Year Case Series - صفحه:68-70

  tick  Methamphetamine Related Radiculopathy: Case Series And Review Of Literature - صفحه:71-75

  tick  Comment On Editorial; Best Research For Low Income Countries - صفحه:76-76

  tick  Knowledge, Not Funding Is The Most Important Research Resource - صفحه:77-77

  tick  Research Priorities For Medical Toxicology In Low And Middle Income Countries - صفحه:78-78

  tick  Changing The Insight Of Scientists In High Income Countries: A Solution For Collaborative Research With Lower Income Countries - صفحه:79-79

  tick  What Is The Best Research Globally? - صفحه:80-80

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