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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2017 - دوره:19 - شماره:5

  tick  Application Of Arima Model For Forecasting Agricultural Prices - صفحه:981-992

  tick  Prioritization Of Expanded Marketing Mix In Different Stages Of The Product Life Cycle: The Case Of Food Industry - صفحه:993-1003

  tick  Use Of A Psnm To Increase Precocity And Its Benefits In Greenhouse-Grown Sweet Pepper - صفحه:1005-1018

  tick  Assessing Extension Agent Training Needs, Barriers And Training Methods In Jordan - صفحه:1019-1029

  tick  Application Of Electrical Resistance In Nondestructive Postharvest Quality Evaluation Of Apple Fruit - صفحه:1031-1039

  tick  Gender Determination Of Fowls By Using Bio-Acoustical Data Mining Methods And Support Vector Machine - صفحه:1041-1055

  tick  Technological Alternatives With Low Consumptions To Regenerate The Degraded Grasslands - صفحه:1057-1066

  tick  Antimicrobial Activity Of The Marine Algal Extracts Against Selected Pathogens - صفحه:1067-1077

  tick  Effects Of Psyllium And Marve Seed Mucilages On Physical, Sensory And Staling Properties Of Sponge Cake - صفحه:1079-1089

  tick  Physicochemical Characteristics, Phenolic Profile, Mineral And Carbohydrate Contents Of Two Truffle Species - صفحه:1091-1101

  tick  Performance Evaluation Of Spodoptera Exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Larvae On 10 Sugar Beet Genotypes Using Nutritional Indices - صفحه:1103-1112

  tick  Effects Of Low Temperature On Seed Germination, Early Seedling Growth And Antioxidant Systems Of The Wild Elymus Nutans Griseb. - صفحه:1113-1125

  tick  Effect Of Methyl Jasmonate On Carbohydrate Composition, Α-Amylase Activity And Growth Of Triticale (Triticosecale Witmmack) Seedlings - صفحه:1127-1137

  tick  Genetic Evaluation Of Sweetpotato Accessions Introduced To The Central European Area - صفحه:1139-1150

  tick  Surface Coating And Modified Atmosphere Packaging Enhances Storage Life And Quality Of ‘Kaghzi Lime’ - صفحه:1151-1160

  tick  Response To Selection For Winter Survival And Yield In Different Populations Of Synthetic Hexaploid Wheats (Triticum Dicoccum/Aegilops Tauschii) - صفحه:1161-1172

  tick  Screening Bread Wheat Germplasm For Resistance To Take-All Disease (Gaeumannomyces Graminis Var. Tritici) In Greenhouse Conditions - صفحه:1173-1184

  tick  Cereal Cyst Nematode, Heterodera Filipjevi (Madzhidov, 1981) In Wheat Fields Of Chaharmahal And Bakhtiari Province, Iran And Its Distribution Based On Interpolation By Geographic Information System - صفحه:1185-1196

  tick  Physical Performance In Irrigation Minors Area Under Different Wuas - صفحه:1197-1208

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