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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2016 - دوره:18 - شماره:4

  tick  Economic Performance Of Conventional, Organic, And Biodynamic Farms - صفحه:881-894

  tick  Factors Creating Systematic Risk For Rainfed Wheat Production In Iran, Using Spatial Econometric Approach - صفحه:895-909

  tick  Investigation Of Rural Tourism In East Azarbaijan Province Of Iran Utilizing Swot Model And Delphi Technique - صفحه:911-923

  tick  Construction Of A Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacterium That Expresses Acid-Resistant Phytase Enzyme - صفحه:925-936

  tick  Effects Of Feeding Frequency On Nutrient Digestibility And Feeding Behavior In The Turkmen Horse - صفحه:937-948

  tick  Follicle Diameters, Egg Weight, And Egg Production Performance In Old Laying Hens Injected With Growth Hormone And Testosterone - صفحه:949-959

  tick  Genetic Analysis Of Postnatal Mortality And Calving Traits In Iranian Holstein Herds Using Threshold-Linear Models - صفحه:961-973

  tick  Water Quality Analysis And Prediction Using Hybrid Time Series And Neural Network Models - صفحه:975-983

  tick  Effect Of Canola Physical Mutation On Plutella Xylostella (L.) Life Table - صفحه:985-998

  tick  Effects Of Catch Crops And Tillage System On Weed Infestation And Health Of Spring Wheat - صفحه:999-1012

  tick  Effect Of Foliar Spray Of Zinc Oxide On Some Antioxidant Enzymes Activity Of Sunflower Under Salt Stress - صفحه:1013-1025

  tick  Morphological, Physiological And Biochemical Responses Of Crops (Zea Mays L., Phaseolus Vulgaris L.), Medicinal Plants (Hyssopus Officinalis L., Nigella Sativa L.), And Weeds (Amaranthus Retroflexus L., Taraxacum Officinale F. H. Wigg) Exposed To Sio2 Nanoparticles - صفحه:1027-1040

  tick  Restricted Herbicide Translocation Was Found In Two Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass (Lolium Multiflorum Lam.) Populations From New Zealand - صفحه:1041-1051

  tick  Alpha Amylase Activity And Sprouting During Short Term Storage Of Taro Corms - صفحه:1053-1063

  tick  Chlorophyll Content, Chloroplast Ultrastructure And Transcriptome Analysis In Wild-Type And Yellow-Bud-Mutant Hot Peppers - صفحه:1065-1078

  tick  Physiological Responses Of Chard And Lettuce To Phosphite Supply In Nutrient Solution - صفحه:1079-1090

  tick  Response Of Cherry Tomato To Irrigation Levels And Fruit Pruning Under Greenhouse Conditions - صفحه:1091-1103

  tick  The Rbcl Gene Sequence Variations Among And Within Prunus Species - صفحه:1105-1115

  tick  Yield And Mineral Content Of Stinging Nettle As Affected By Nitrogen Fertilization - صفحه:1117-1128

  tick  Characterization Of A Desiccation Stress Induced Lipase Gene From Brassica Napusl. - صفحه:1129-1141

  tick  Chemical Composition And Fungicidal Effects Of Ocimum Basilicum Essential Oil On Bipolaris And Cochliobolus Species - صفحه:1143-1152

  tick  Effect Of Service Numbers On Resynchronization Responses In Lactating Dairy Cows During Warm Season - صفحه:1153-1160

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