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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2016 - دوره:18 - شماره:3

  tick  Comparing Quality Of A Telescopic Boom Sprayer With Conventional Orchard Sprayers In Iran - صفحه:585-599

  tick  Combined Use Of Black Barberry (Berberis Crataegina L.) Extract And Nitrite In Cooked Beef Sausages During The Refrigerated Storage - صفحه:601-614

  tick  Data Reduction Of A Numerically Simulated Sugar Extraction Process In Counter-Current Flow Horizontal Extractors - صفحه:615-627

  tick  Effect Of Refining And Thermal Processes On Olive Oil Properties - صفحه:629-641

  tick  Effects Of Sucrose Substitution With Date Syrup And Date Liquid Sugar On The Physicochemical Properties Of Dough And Biscuits - صفحه:643-656

  tick  Some Physicochemical Properties Of Date Syrup, Concentrate, And Liquid Sugar In Comparison With Sucrose Solutions - صفحه:657-668

  tick  Estimation Of Growth And Mortality Parameters Of Croaker Atrobucca Alcocki In Pakistani Waters - صفحه:669-679

  tick  Comparative Evaluation Of Neural Network And Regression Based Models To Simulate Runoff And Sediment Yield In An Outer Himalayan Watershed - صفحه:681-694

  tick  Erosion Risk Mapping Using Corine Methodology For Goz Watershed In Kahramanmaras Region, Turkey - صفحه:695-706

  tick  Proline Accumulation And Related Genes In Wheat Leaves Under Salinity Stress - صفحه:707-716

  tick  Effect Of Pre-Harvest Nutrients Application And Bagging On Quality And Shelf Life Of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Fruits Cv. Amrapali - صفحه:717-729

  tick  Interactive Effects Of Nitrogen Form And Oxygen Concentration On Growth And Nutritional Status Of Eggplant In Hydroponics - صفحه:731-739

  tick  Micropropagation Of Astragalus Adscendens: A Source Of Gaz-Angabin Manna In Iran (Persian Manna) - صفحه:741-750

  tick  Selecting Parental Lines Among Cultivated And Wild Species Of Okra For Hybridization Aiming At Yvmv Disease Resistance - صفحه:751-762

  tick  Molecular Characterization Of Rhizobia From Revertants Of Non-Nodulating Cultivar And Normal Cultivar Of Chickpea - صفحه:763-773

  tick  Molecular Identification And Characterization Of Phosphate Solubilizing Pseudomonas Sp. Isolated From Rhizosphere Of Mash Bean (Vigna Mungo L.) For Growth Promotion In Wheat - صفحه:775-788

  tick  Parametric And Nonparametric Measures For Evaluating Yield Stability And Adaptability In Barley Doubled Haploid Lines - صفحه:789-803

  tick  Pcr-Based Detection Of Genetically Modified Soybean At A Grain Receiving Port In Iran - صفحه:805-815

  tick  Design And Management Of A Drip Irrigation System For An Optimum Potato Yield - صفحه:817-830

  tick  Phenology And Yield Of Spring Maize (Zea Mays L.) Under Different Drip Irrigation Regimes And Planting Methods - صفحه:831-843

  tick  Conservation Practices And Management In Ukrainian Mollisols - صفحه:845-854

  tick  Promotion Of Wheat Growth Under Salt Stress By Halotolerant Bacteria Containing Acc Deaminase - صفحه:855-864

  tick  Soil Quality Assessments In Some Iranian Saffron Fields - صفحه:865-878

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