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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2016 - دوره:18 - شماره:1

  tick  Assessing The Impacts Of Climate Change On Land Productivity In Indian Crop Agriculture: An Evidence From Panel Data Analysis - صفحه:1-13

  tick  An Investigation Of Self-Directed Learning Skills Among The Iranian Agricultural Students (Case Of Agricultural College, Tarbiat Modares University) - صفحه:15-26

  tick  Attitude Towards On-The-Job E-Learning: The Case Of Agricultural Extension Workers In Iran - صفحه:27-38

  tick  Farmers’ Satisfaction With Agricultural Extension Service And Its Influencing Factors: A Case Study In North West Ethiopia - صفحه:39-53

  tick  Potato Growers’ Risk Perception: A Case Study In Ardabil Province Of Iran - صفحه:55-65

  tick  Antioxidant Properties Of Selected Spices Used In Iranian Cuisine And Their Efficacy In Preventing Lipid Peroxidation In Meat Sausages - صفحه:67-78

  tick  Bioactive Compounds And Antioxidant Activities Of Thyme-Enriched Refined Corn Oil - صفحه:79-91

  tick  Composite Coating As A Carrier Of Antioxidants Improves The Postharvest Shelf Life And Quality Of Table Grapes (Vitis Vinifera L. Var. Thompson Seedless) - صفحه:93-107

  tick  Decreasing The Effects Of Aflatoxins On Color And Oxidative Stability Of Broiler Meats Using Nanozeolite - صفحه:109-121

  tick  Geometry Simplification Of Wrinkled Wall Semi-Rigid Aluminum Containers In Heat Transfer Simulation - صفحه:123-133

  tick  Impact Of Pretreated Rice Bran On Wheat Dough Performance And Barbari Bread Quality - صفحه:135-144

  tick  Physicochemical Changes In ‘Kaew Kamin’ Mango Fruit Illuminated With Ultraviolet-C (Uv-C) During Storage - صفحه:145-154

  tick  Evaluation Of K-Tree Distance And Fixed-Sized Plot Sampling In Zagros Forests Of Western Iran - صفحه:155-170

  tick  Life Cycle Of The Fairy Shrimp, Phallocryptus Spinosa Milne Edwards, 1840 (Crustacea: Anostraca) At Different Temperatures - صفحه:171-177

  tick  Bottom-Up Effect Of Two Host Plants On Life Table Parameters Of Aphis Gossypii (Hemiptera: Aphididae) - صفحه:179-190

  tick  Comparison Of Three Modelling Approaches To Simulate Regional Crop Yield: A Case Study Of Winter Wheat Yield In Western Germany - صفحه:191-206

  tick  Evidence For Differential Lipid Peroxidation And Antioxidant Enzyme Activities In Sesamum Indicum L. Genotypes Under Nacl Salinity - صفحه:207-222

  tick  A Comparison Of Grafting Methods For The Production Of Quality Planting Material Of Promising Cornelian Cherry Selections (Cornus Mas L.) In Serbia - صفحه:223-231

  tick  Effect Of Selenium On Elemental Concentration And Antioxidant Enzymatic Activity Of Tomato Plants - صفحه:233-244

  tick  Effects Of Shading And Covering On ‘Sultana Seedless’ Grape Quality And Storability - صفحه:245-254

  tick  Efficacy Of In Vitro Propagation And Crown Sizes On The Performance Of Strawberry (Fragaria×Ananassa Duch) Cv. Festival Under Field Condition - صفحه:255-264

  tick  Utilizing Deficit Irrigation To Enhance Growth Performance And Water-Use Efficiency Of Eggplant In Arid Environments - صفحه:265-276

  tick  Genetic Diversity Of Macrophomina Phaseolina Populations, The Causal Agent Of Sesame Charcoal Rot Using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat Markers - صفحه:277-287

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