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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2016 - دوره:18 - شماره:2

  tick  Pricing Of Rainfall Index Insurance For Rice And Wheat In Nepal - صفحه:291-302

  tick  Impact Assessment Of An Integrated Dairy Farming Project In Turkey Financed By Europe Funds - صفحه:303-314

  tick  Camelia (Camelina Sativa L. Crantz Variety) Oil And Seeds As N-3 Fatty Acids Rich Products In Broiler Diets And Its Effects On Performance, Meat Fatty Acid Composition, Immune Tissue Weights, And Plasma Metabolic Profile - صفحه:315-326

  tick  Dietary Zinc Oxide And 6-Phytase Effects On Fertility Rate In Old Broiler Breeder Hens - صفحه:327-336

  tick  Improving Qualitative Properties Of Extruded Linseed As Mixed With Different Absorbent Materials In Iran - صفحه:337-345

  tick  Omega-3 Enrichment Of Quail Eggs: Age, Fish Oil, And Savory Essential Oil - صفحه:347-359

  tick  Insecticidal Efficacy Of Iranian Diatomaceous Earths On Adults Of Oryzaephilus Surinamensis - صفحه:361-370

  tick  Microbial-Based Production System: A Novel Approach For Plant Growth And Pest And Disease Management In Greenhouse-Grown Peppers (Capsicum Annuum L.) - صفحه:371-386

  tick  Estimating And Validating Wheat Leaf Water Content With Three Modis Spectral Indexes: A Case Study In Ningxia Plain, China - صفحه:387-398

  tick  Root Vigor And Kinetic Characteristics And Nitrogen Use Efficiencies Of Different Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) Cultivars - صفحه:399-410

  tick  Tillage, Crop Establishment, And Weed Management For Improving Productivity, Nutrient Uptake, And Soil Physico-Chemical Properties In Soybean-Wheat Cropping System - صفحه:411-421

  tick  Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation Of Somatic Embryos Of Persian Walnut Using Fld Gene For Osmotic Stress Tolerance - صفحه:423-435

  tick  De Novo Characterization Of The Root Transcriptome And Development Of Est-Ssr Markers In Paris Polyphylla Smith Var. Yunnanensis, An Endangered Medical Plant - صفحه:437-452

  tick  Effects Of Alkali Stress And Growing Media On Growth And Physiological Characteristics Of Gerbera Plants - صفحه:453-466

  tick  Efficient Protocol For Protoplast Isolation And Plant Regeneration Of Fritillaria Imperialis L. - صفحه:467-482

  tick  Influence Of Substrate Ph On Root Growth, Biomass And Leaf Mineral Contents Of Grapevine Rootstocks Grown In Pots - صفحه:483-490

  tick  Physiochemical Changes During Growth And Development Of Pineapple (Ananas Comosus L. Merr. Cv. Sarawak) - صفحه:491-503

  tick  Yield And Quality Of Mini-Watermelon As Affected By Grafting And Mycorrhizal Inoculum - صفحه:505-516

  tick  Comparative Analysis Of Genetic Diversity Among Bt Cotton Genotypes Using Est-Ssr, Issr And Morphological Markers - صفحه:517-531

  tick  Gge Biplot-Based Evaluation Of Yield Performance Of Barley Genotypes Across Different Environments In China - صفحه:533-543

  tick  Identification Of Ssr Marker Linked To Leaf Rust Resistant Gene Lr24 And Marker Assisted Transfer Of Leaf Rust Resistance Genes Into Bread Wheat - صفحه:545-552

  tick  Stability Performance Of Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Lines - صفحه:553-560

  tick  Population Structure And Sexual Fertility Of Colletotrichum Gloeosporioides Sensu Lato From Citrus In Northern Iran - صفحه:561-573

  tick  Physio-Chemical And Functional Quality Evaluation Of Mandarin Peel Powder - صفحه:575-582

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