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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2013 - دوره:15 - شماره:6

  tick  Determinants Of Participation In Watershed Development Projects In Khorasan, Iran - صفحه:1085-1094

  tick  Carbohydrates And Sucrose Metabolizing Enzymes In The Leaves Of Vigna Mungo Genotypes As Influenced By Elevated Co2 Concentration - صفحه:1107-1120

  tick  An Evaluation Of Live Weight, Carcass And Hide Characteristics In Dromedary Vs. Bactrian×Dromedary Crossbred Camels - صفحه:1121-1131

  tick  Estimation Of The Genetic Parameters For Survival Rate In Lori-Bakhtiari Lambs Using Linear And Weibull Proportional Hazard Models - صفحه:1133-1143

  tick  Novel Snps Of The Abcg2 Gene And Their Associations With Milk Production Traits In Iranian Holstein Bulls - صفحه:1145-1151

  tick  Polymorphism Of Igf-I And Adrb3 Genes And Their Association With Growth Traits In The Iranian Baluchi Sheep - صفحه:1153-1162

  tick  Effects Of Fat Replacers And Stabilizers On Rheological, Physicochemical And Sensory Properties Of Reduced-Fat Ice Cream - صفحه:1163-1174

  tick  The Effect Of Particle Size And Level Of Rice Bran On The Batter And Sponge Cake Properties - صفحه:1175-1184

  tick  The Effect Of Refining Process On The Conjugated Dienes In Soybean Oil - صفحه:1185-1193

  tick  Inter Simple Sequence Repeat Markers Associated With Flowering Time Duration In The Chilean Strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis) - صفحه:1195-1207

  tick  In Vitro Establishment And Clonal Propagation Of Sebri Pear Cultivar - صفحه:1209-1217

  tick  Postharvest Application Of Chitosan And Low Temperature Storage Affect Respiration Rate And Quality Of Plum Fruits - صفحه:1219-1230

  tick  Analytical Solution To One-Dimensional Advection-Diffusion Equation With Several Point Sources Through Arbitrary Time-Dependent Emission Rate Patterns - صفحه:1231-1245

  tick  Impact Of Deficit Irrigation On Soil Salinity And Cucumber Yield Under Greenhouse Condition In An Arid Environment - صفحه:1247-1259

  tick  Multipurpose Reservoir Operating Policies: A Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach - صفحه:1261-1274

  tick  Heritability Estimates Of Agronomic Traits And Essential Oil Content In Iranian Fennels - صفحه:1275-1283

  tick  Presence Of Multiple Cry Genes In Bacillus Thuringiensis Isolated From Dead Cotton Bollworm Heliothis Armigera - صفحه:1285-1292

  tick  Effect Of Manure Management On The Temporal Variations Of Dryland Soil Moisture And Water Use Efficiency Of Maize - صفحه:1293-1304

  tick  Application Of Machine Vision In Modeling Of Grape Drying Process

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