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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2013 - دوره:15 - شماره:2

  tick  Factors Affecting Consumers’ Potential Willingness To Pay For Organic Food Products In Iran: Case Study Of Tabriz - صفحه:191-202

  tick  Investigating Entrepreneurial Orientation And Firm Performance In The Iranian Agricultural Context - صفحه:203-214

  tick  Comparative Study On The Effect Of Soil Water Stress On Photosynthetic Function Of Triticale, Bread Wheat, And Barley - صفحه:215-228

  tick  Efficiency Of Lignocellulolytic Extracts From Thermotolerant Strain Fomes Sp. Eum1: Stability And Digestibility Of Agricultural Wastes - صفحه:229-240

  tick  Assaying Antioxidant Characteristics Of Sesame Seed, Rice Bran, And Bene Hull Oils And Their Unsaponifiable Matters By Using Dpph Radical-Scavenging Model System - صفحه:241-253

  tick  Effects Of Co2 Addition To Raw Milk On Microbial, Physiochemical And Sensory Properties Of Probiotic Set Yoghurt - صفحه:253-263

  tick  Effects Of Defatted Soy Flour, Xanthan Gum, And Processing Temperatures On Quality Criteria Of Spaghetti - صفحه:265-278

  tick  Osmoregulation Ability In Different Sizes Of Caspian Trout (Salmo Trutta Caspius)Parrs, With The Same Age, Following Direct Transfer From Fresh Water To The Caspian Sea Water - صفحه:279-292

  tick  Physico-Biochemical Characteristics Of Scallop Mantle Collagen Soluble In Pepsin - صفحه:293-302

  tick  Response To Stress In 17α-Hydroxylase Deficient Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.) - صفحه:303-310

  tick  Dynamic Of Fruit Growth And Internal Fruit Quality Of Apricot Trees Grafted On Rootstock Or With Interstem - صفحه:311-321

  tick  Effect Of Different Storage Treatments On Physiology And Postharvest Performance In Cut Scapes Of Three Iris Species - صفحه:323-331

  tick  Noninvasive Evaluation Of Fructose, Glucose, And Sucrose Contents In Fig Fruits During Development Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence And Chemometrics - صفحه:333-342

  tick  Application Of Artificial Neural Network In Environmental Water Quality Assessment - صفحه:343-356

  tick  Response Of Corn To Cadmium And Drought Stress And Its Potential Use For Phytoremediation - صفحه:357-368

  tick  Coordinate Up-Regulation Of Vacuolar Pyrophosphatase And V-Na+/H+ Antiporter To Early Salt Stress In Halophytic Monocot Leptochloa Fusca Roots - صفحه:369-367

  tick  Nested-Pcr For Detecting Terfezia Claveryi In Roots Of Helianthemum Species In Field And Greenhouse Conditions - صفحه:377-387

  tick  Resistance Of Iranian Lecanicillium Fungicola To Benzimidazole And Ergosterol Demethylation Inhibiting Fungicides - صفحه:389-395

  tick  Resistance To Qoi Fungicide And Cytochrome B Diversity In The Hungarian Botrytis Cinerea Population - صفحه:397-407

  tick  Agronomic Evaluation Of A Fertilizer With D-Coder Technology: A New Mechanism For The Slow Release Of Nutrients - صفحه:409-419

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