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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2013 - دوره:15 - شماره:1

  tick  In Vitro And In Vivo Induction, And Characterization Of Beauvericin Isolated From Beauveria Bassiana And Its Bioassay On Galleria Mellonella Larvae - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Structural Analysis Of Factors Affecting Agricultural Sustainability In Qazvin Province, Iran - صفحه:11-22

  tick  Investigation Of Black Mulberry Drying Kinetics Applying Different Pretreatments - صفحه:23-34

  tick  Modeling Of The Pressure-Density Relationship In A Large Cubic Baler - صفحه:35-44

  tick  Analysis Of Genetic Relationship Between Reproductive Vs. Lamb Growth Traits In Makooei Ewes - صفحه:45-53

  tick  Effects Of Aflatoxin On The Performance Of Broiler Breeders And Its Alleviation Through Herbal Mycotoxin Binder - صفحه:55-63

  tick  Investigation Of Calcium, Phosphorous And Magnesium Status Of Grazing Sheep In Sabalan Region, Iran - صفحه:65-76

  tick  The Use Of Copper Supplementation To Improve Growth Performance And Claw Health In Young Holstein Bulls - صفحه:77-86

  tick  A Comparative Study On Antioxidative Properties Of Carameled Reducing Sugars; Inhibitory Effect On Lipid Oxidative And Sensory Improvement Of Glucose Carameled Products In Shrimp Flesh - صفحه:87-99

  tick  Critical Evaluation For Adoption Of Food Safety Systems In The Turkish Dairy And Meat Processing Businesses - صفحه:101-114

  tick  Effect Of Different Levels And Particle Sizes Of Wheat Bran On The Quality Of Flat Bread - صفحه:115-123

  tick  Effects Of Replacing Skim Milk Powder With Soy Flour And Ball Mill Refining Time On Particle Size And Rheological Properties Of Compound Chocolate - صفحه:125-135

  tick  Fungal Pathogens Associated With Grapevine Trunk Diseases In Iran - صفحه:137-150

  tick  Gge Biplot Analysis Based On Diallel For Exploitation Of Hybrid Vigour In Opium Poppy (Papaver Somniferum L.) - صفحه:151-162

  tick  Multiplication And Cryopreservation Of Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium L., Asteraceae) - صفحه:163-173

  tick  Seasonal Variability Of Rainfall Interception And Canopy Storage Capacity Measured Under Individual Oak (Quercus Brantii) Trees In Western Iran - صفحه:175-188

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