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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2012 - دوره:14 - شماره:2

  tick  An Analysis Of Transaction Costs Of Obtaining Credits In Rural Iran - صفحه:243-256

  tick  A Study On Some Biological Characteristics Of Olive Leaf Moth, Palpita Unionalis Hübner (Lep: Pyralidae) In Iran - صفحه:257-266

  tick  Larval Parasitoids Of Lobesia Botrana (Denis And Schiffermüller, 1775) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) In Orumieh Vineyards - صفحه:267-274

  tick  Toxicity And Repellency Effects Of Three Essential Oils Against Tetranychus Urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae) - صفحه:275-284

  tick  Determination Of Optimal Spot Roundness Variation Interval For Droplet Size Analysis On Water Sensitive Paper - صفحه:285-298

  tick  Fracture Resistance Of Unsplit Pistachio (Pistacia Vera L.) Nuts Against Splitting Force, Under Compressive Loading - صفحه:299-310

  tick  Mathematical Models Of Drying Pomegranate Arils In Vacuum And Microwave Dryers - صفحه:311-325

  tick  A Study Of Genetic Structure Of Rutilus Frisii Kutum In Anzali Lagoon, Using Microsatellite Markers - صفحه:327-337

  tick  Changes In Rheology And Sensory Properties Of Wheat Bread With The Addition Of Oat Flour - صفحه:339-348

  tick  Chemical Composition And Some Allelopathic Aspects Of Essential Oils Of (Prangos Ferulacea L.) Lindl At Different Stages Of Growth - صفحه:349-356

  tick  Effects Of Paclobutrazol, Boric Acid And Zinc Sulfate On Vegetative And Reproductive Growth Of Strawberry Cv. Selva - صفحه:357-363

  tick  Physico-Chemical Quality Parameters Of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Fruits Grown In A Mediterranean Subtropical Climate (Se Spain) - صفحه:365-374

  tick  Centralized Downstream Pi Controllers For The West Canal Of Aghili Irrigation District - صفحه:375-388

  tick  Analysis Of Multi-Environment Grain Yield Trials In Mung Bean Vigna Radiate (L.) Wilczek Based On Gge Bipot In Southern Ethiopia - صفحه:389-398

  tick  Influence Of Wsmv Infection On Biochemical Changes In Two Bread Wheat Cultivars And In Their F2 Populations - صفحه:399-405

  tick  Biocontrol Potential Of Root Endophytic Fungi And Trichoderma Species Against Fusarium Wilt Of Lentil Under In Vitro And Greenhouse Conditions - صفحه:407-420

  tick  Mycelial Compatibility Groupings And Pathogenic Diversity Of Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum (Lib.) De Bary Populations On Canola In Golestan Province Of Iran - صفحه:421-434

  tick  An Assessment Of Specific Sediment Yield Of Geological Formations Using Investigated Sedimentary Deposits In Reservoirs And Fingerprinting - صفحه:435-447

  tick  Chemical Immobilization Of Lead (Pb) In Long Term Sewage Irrigated Soil - صفحه:449-458

  tick  The Stability Of Individual Macroaggregate Size Fractions Of Ultisol And Oxisol Soils - صفحه:459-466

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