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   Journal Of Agricultural Science And Technology   
سال:2010 - دوره:12 - شماره:4

  tick  When Is Metafrontier Analysis Appropriate? An Example Of Varietal Differences In Pistachio Production In Iran - صفحه:379-389

  tick  A Comparative Study Of Parametric And Non-Parametric Energy Use Efficiency In Paddy Production - صفحه:391-399

  tick  Mathematical Modeling Of Forced Convection Thin Layer Solar Drying For Cuminum Cyminum - صفحه:401-408

  tick  Optimization Of Processing Parameters Of Soybean Seeds Dried In A Constant-Bed Dryer Using Response Surface Methodology - صفحه:409-423

  tick  Prevention Of Salmonella Colonization In Neonatal Broiler Chicks By Using Different Routes Of Probiotic Administration In Hatchery Evaluated By Culture And Pcr Techniques - صفحه:425-432

  tick  Development Of Reservoir Operation Policies Using Integrated Optimization-Simulation Approach - صفحه:433-446

  tick  Karyological And Nuclear Dna Content Variation In Some Iranian Endemic Thymus Species (Lamiaceae) - صفحه:447-458

  tick  Molecular Analysis Of Ancient Dna Extracted From 3250-3450 Year-Old Plant Seeds Excavated From Tepe Sagz Abad In Iran - صفحه:459-470

  tick  Disease Progress Curves Of Sclerotinia Stem Rot Of Canola Epidemics In Golestan Province, Iran - صفحه:471-478

  tick  A Synchronous Investigation Of Soil Geometric Mean Particle Diameter And Lime, Using Remote Sensing Technology (Case Study: Pol-E-Dokhtar, The Southwest Of Lorestan Province, Iran) - صفحه:479-494

  tick  Impact Of Clay Mineralogy And Landscape On Potassium Forms In Calcareous Soils, Urmia Region - صفحه:495-507

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