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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2017 - دوره:15 - شماره:1

  tick  Editorial: Could Speciation Across Evolution Be Governed By Genetic Switch Codes At Short Tandem Repeats? - صفحه:3-4

  tick  A Systematic Review Of The Effectiveness Of Early Intervention And The Role Of Parents In Language Development Of Hearing Loss Children - صفحه:5-13

  tick  Effectiveness Of Group Hope Therapy On The Psychological Indicators In Women With Addicted Husbands - صفحه:15-21

  tick  Leisure Of People With Multiple Sclerosis: A Content Analysis - صفحه:23-29

  tick  Prevalence Of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders And Injuries In Occupational And Physical Therapists And Its Comparison - صفحه:31-35

  tick  The Effect Of Custom Made Foot Orthoses Fabricated With Medial Heel Skive Technique On Pain And Function In Individuals With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome - صفحه:37-41

  tick  Comparison Of Effects Of Bilateral Versus Unilateral Quadriceps Training On Balance, Functional Mobility And Functional Gait In Patients With Stroke - صفحه:43-47

  tick  Time Use Of Mothers Of Children With An Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Comparative Study - صفحه:49-55

  tick  Effectiveness Of Transactional Analysis Group Training In Reducing Control-Oriented Behaviors Of Spouse In Marital Conflicts - صفحه:57-63

  tick  Effect Of Computer-Assisted Neurocognitive Rehabilitation On Inhibitory Control Of The Students With Dyscalculia - صفحه:65-70

  tick  The Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Screening Checklist For Persian Speaking Children From 12 To 24 Months And Its Validity And Reliability - صفحه:71-75

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