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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2015 - دوره:13 - شماره:4

  tick  Editorial: Promoting The Holistic Approaches In Rehabilitation And Health - صفحه:5-6

  tick  Early Maladaptive Schemas In Patients With And Without Migraineand Tension Headaches - صفحه:7-12

  tick  The Influence Of The Olfaction, Audition And Tactile Senses Inmobility And Orientation Of Blinds - صفحه:13-19

  tick  Development Of Responding To Joint Attention In Typicallydeveloping Children Across 9-30 Month - صفحه:20-23

  tick  Evaluation Of Saccular Function Pre-Post Cochlear Implant Surgeryusing Vemps - صفحه:24-27

  tick  Effectiveness Of Cognitive Existential Approach On Decreasingdemoralization In Women With Multiple Sclerosis - صفحه:28-33

  tick  Validity And Reliability Of General Evaluation Tool For Clinicaltraining In Rehabilitation Disciplines - صفحه:34-39

  tick  Prediction Of Rehabilitation Nurses’ Psychological Well-Beingthrough Personality Traits And Defense Mechanisms - صفحه:40-45

  tick  The Effect Of Rtms With Rehabilitation On Hand Function And Corticomotor Excitability In Sub-Acute Stroke - صفحه:46-52

  tick  Comprehension Of Passive Structure: Study Of Children With Andwithout Specific Language Impairment - صفحه:53-57

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Verbal Self-Instruction Training On Mathproblem-Solving Of Intellectually Disabled Students - صفحه:58-62

  tick  Evaluation Of A Viscoelastic Ankle-Foot Prosthesis At Slow Andnormal Walking Speeds On An Able-Bodied Subject - صفحه:63-67

  tick  Working Memory Training In Children With Mild Intellectualdisability, Through Designed Computerized Program - صفحه:68-73

  tick  The Association Between Emotional Expressiveness Style Andaddiction Potential In Male High School Students - صفحه:74-79

  tick  Speech Intelligibility In Persian Children With Down Syndrome - صفحه:80-84

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Verbal Self-Instruction Method On Pessimisticattribution Style About Negative Events In Children With Dyslexia - صفحه:85-89

  tick  The Phonemic Awareness Skills Of Cochlear Implant Children Andchildren With Normal Hearing In Primary School - صفحه:90-94

  tick  The Effect Of Modified Floor Reaction Ankle Foot Orthoses Onwalking Abilities In Children With Cerebral Palsy - صفحه:95-101

  tick  Investigating The Narrative Skills Of Late Talkers Through Sequentialpicture Stories - صفحه:102-109

  tick  The Effects Of Individual And Group Training On General Health Andstress Of Parents Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders - صفحه:110-115

  tick  Effect Of Gait Retraining On Balance, Activities Of Daily Living,Quality Of Life And Depression In Stroke Patients - صفحه:116-119

  tick  Social Work Guidelines For Street Children With Substance Usedisorders - صفحه:120-125

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