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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2012 - دوره:10 - شماره:15

  tick  Pattern Of Antipsychotic Use And Its Determinants In Razi Psychiatric Hospital - صفحه:4-12

  tick  The Evaluation Of Marital Adjustment Among The Addicts In Isfahan Na Groups And Their Couples - صفحه:13-17

  tick  Effect Of Psychological Intervention On Marital Satisfaction Of Mothers With Slow Pace Under 5 Years Children - صفحه:18-23

  tick  Cognitive Emotion Regulation In Aged People: Standardization Of Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire In Iran - صفحه:24-27

  tick  Prevalence Of Mathematic Disability In Primary Schools - صفحه:28-34

  tick  The Effect Of Social Skills Training On Socialization Skills In Children With Down Syndrome - صفحه:35-38

  tick  Identify Normative Values Of Balance Tests Toward Neurological Assessment Of Sports Related Concussion - صفحه:39-43

  tick  The Relationship Between Personality Traits And Life Expectancy In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis - صفحه:44-49

  tick  The Effect Of Multi Sensory Stimulation (Mss) On Cognitive Disturbances And Quality Of Life Of Male Patients With Alzheimer’S Disease - صفحه:50-55

  tick  A Study Of The Relationships Between Family Functioning And Psychological Hardiness Among Parents With Exceptional Children And Normal Children - صفحه:56-61

  tick  The Effects Of Local Heating And Cooling Of Arm On Maximal Isometric Force Generated By The Elbow Flexor Musculature In Male Subjects - صفحه:62-65

  tick  The Reactive Postural Control In Spastic Cerebral Palsy Children - صفحه:66-74

  tick  Can Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Improve In-Hand Manipulation Skills: A Single Subject Design - صفحه:75-85

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