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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2013 - دوره:11 - شماره:Special issue

  tick  Editorial - صفحه:1-1

  tick  Guest Editor'S Note - صفحه:2-3

  tick  Perceived Maternal Parenting Self-Efficacy (Pmp S-E) Tool: Translation And Face Validation With Iranian Mothers Of Hospitalized Preterm Neonates - صفحه:7-10

  tick  Quality Of Developmental Screening Of 3-12-Month Infants Through Comparing With Screening By Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener Ii - صفحه:11-14

  tick  Parent’S Learning Strategies: A Qualitative Study On Parents Of Preterm Infants - صفحه:15-20

  tick  Occupational Therapy Intervention In Combination Flexor Tendon And Peripheral Nerve Injury 10 Patients With Disabilities Of Arm, Shoulder And Hand - صفحه:21-26

  tick  Effect Of Craniosacral Therapy On Students' Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - صفحه:27-33

  tick  Effectiveness Of Audiovisual Stimulation On Executive Function In Children With High-Functioning Autism - صفحه:34-39

  tick  Environmental Barriers To Social Participation Of Children With Cerebral Palsy In Tehran - صفحه:40-45

  tick  Comparison Of Combination Of Cimt And Bim Training With Cimt Alone On Fine Motor Skills Of Children With Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy - صفحه:46-51

  tick  Effects Of Vestibular And Tactile Stimulation On Behavioral Disorders Due To Sensory Processing Deficiency In 3-13 Years Old Iranian Autistic Children - صفحه:52-57

  tick  Psychometric Properties Of Physical Well-Being, Health And Motor Development Inventory For Assessing School Readiness - صفحه:58-64

  tick  The Relation Between Balance And Sustained Attention In Elderly - صفحه:65-69

  tick  Right Hand Preference In Implicit Motor Learning In Children With High-Functioning Autism And Asperger Syndrome - صفحه:70-80

  tick  Occupational Therapy In Iran: Historical Review - صفحه:81-84

  tick  Fatigue In Progressive Neurological Conditions: A Literature Review - صفحه:85-90

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