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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2013 - دوره:11 - شماره:17

  tick  The Effects Of Combined Treadmill Training And Pharmacological Treatment On Management Of Multiple Sclerosis Female Patients - صفحه:5-10

  tick  A Comparison Of Linguistic Skills Between Persian Cochlear Implant And Normal Hearing Children - صفحه:11-19

  tick  Pattern Of Psychotropic Drug Prescription In The Elderly With Chronic Schizophrenia - صفحه:20-27

  tick  Object And Action Naming:A Study On Persian-Speaking Children - صفحه:28-34

  tick  The Effect Of A “Selected Exercise Training” On Reducing Symptoms Of Dementia Caused By Alzheimer'S Disease In People With Down Syndrome - صفحه:35-45

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Conceptual Map Training Method On The Achievement Of Social-Economic Skill Course In Male Students With Intellectual Disability - صفحه:46-52

  tick  Spiritually-Oriented Cognitive Therapy In Reduction Of Depression Symptoms In Mothers Of Children With Cancer - صفحه:53-58

  tick  Dependency Coefficient In Computerized Gals Examination Utilizing Motion Analysis Techniques - صفحه:59-67

  tick  Emotional Intelligence And Occupational Stress Among Rehabilitation Staffs Working In Tehran’S Training Hospitals - صفحه:68-74

  tick  Effect Of 8-Week Aerobic Exercise And Yoga Training On Depression, Anxiety, And Quality Of Life Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients - صفحه:75-80

  tick  Young Male’S Post Appendectomy Complication Of Pulmonary Thromboembolism - صفحه:81-86

  tick  Spiritual And Religious Interventions In Health Care: An Integrative Review - صفحه:87-93

  tick  Effectiveness Of Modified Agility And Perturbation Training In Patients With Osteoarthritis Knee- A Case Control Study - صفحه:94-96

  tick  A Case Report On Somatoform Disorder: Colorful Visual Hallucinations - صفحه:97-99

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