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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2015 - دوره:13 - شماره:2

  tick  Factors Influence The Choice For Rehabilitation And Rehabilitation Efforts - صفحه:4-4

  tick  Aggression In Juvenile Delinquents And Mental Rehabilitation Group Therapy Based On Acceptance And Commitment - صفحه:5-9

  tick  Early Maladaptive Schemas In Opiate And Stimulant Users - صفحه:10-15

  tick  Factors Associated With The Transition From Drug Abuse To Initiation Of Injection Drug Use - صفحه:16-22

  tick  Compatibility And Marital Satisfaction In Disabled Couples Compared To Healthy Ones - صفحه:23-27

  tick  Psycho-Rehabilitation Method (Dohsa-Hou) And Quality Of Life In Children With Cerebral Palsy - صفحه:28-33

  tick  The Role Of Spiritual Attitude In Child-Rearing In Predicting The Psychological Hardiness Of Mothers With Handicapped Children - صفحه:34-37

  tick  The Relation Between Deterministic Thinking And Mental Health Among Substance Abusers Involved In A Rehabilitation Program - صفحه:38-44

  tick  Effectiveness Of Cognitive Spirituality-Based Counseling Of Demoralization In Elderlies - صفحه:45-50

  tick  Implication Of Mauk Nursing Intervention Model On Coping Strategies Of Stroke Survivors - صفحه:51-56

  tick  The Level Of Awareness Of Rehabilitation Professionals Employed In Rehabilitation Academic Centers Regarding Tele-Rehabilitation Technology - صفحه:57-61

  tick  Validity And Reliability Determination Of Parents Evaluation Of Developmental Status (Peds) In 4-60 Months Old Children In Tehran - صفحه:62-67

  tick  The Effect Of Psychological Immunization On Pessimistic Attribution Of Female Students With Dyslexia - صفحه:68-73

  tick  Adaptation Of The Syllable Repetition Task (Srt) And Determining Its Validity And Reliability In 4-6 Persian Speaking Children - صفحه:74-79

  tick  Effects Of Transfer Training On Musculoskeletal Pain In The Caregiver Of A Stroke Patient: A Case Report - صفحه:80-84

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