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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2011 - دوره:9 - شماره:14

  tick  A Comparison Between Three Methods Of Language Sampling: Freeplay, Narrative Speech And Conversation - صفحه:4-9

  tick  The State Of Deterministic Thinking Among Mothers Of Autistic Children - صفحه:10-13

  tick  Expressive Language Development In 45 Cochlear Implanted Children Following 2 Years Of Implantation - صفحه:14-17

  tick  Physical Appearance Concern Questionnaire (Pacq) In Iranian Population - صفحه:18-21

  tick  Gender Difference In Teoaes And Contralateral Suppression Of Teoaes In Normal Hearing Adults - صفحه:22-25

  tick  The Impact Of Coping Strategies On Burden Of Care In Chronic Schizophrenic Patients And Caregivers Of Chronic Bipolar Patients - صفحه:26-31

  tick  Effect Of Time Constraind Induced Therapy On Function, Coordination And Movements Of Upper Limb On Hemiplegic Adults - صفحه:32-36

  tick  Challenge Of Private Rehabilitation Centers And Welfare Organization (Behzisti) - صفحه:37-44

  tick  Identification Of Genetic Polymorphism Interactions In Sporadic Alzheimer’S Disease Using Logic Regression - صفحه:45-50

  tick  Dental Status And Dmft Index In 12 Year Old Children Of Public Care Centers In Tehran - صفحه:51-54

  tick  Effects Of Task Related Training And Hand Dominance On Upper Limb Motor Function In Subjects With Stroke - صفحه:55-59

  tick  Spasticity: A Review Of Methods For Assessment And Treatment - صفحه:60-64

  tick  Patient Centered Model Of Care - A Positive Impact On Treatment Outcome In A Rehabilitation Hospital In Saudi Arabia - صفحه:65-68

  tick  Efficacy Of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy On Depressed Mothers With Cerebral Palsy Children - صفحه:69-77

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