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   Iranian Rehabilitation Journal   
سال:2017 - دوره:15 - شماره:2

  tick  Duration Of Stuttered Syllables Measured By Computerized Scoring Of The Stuttering Severity (Csss) And Pratt - صفحه:79-86

  tick  Male Infertility And Its Impact On Women'S Sexual Behaviors: Need Attention To Psychological Problem As A Psychological Rehabilitation - صفحه:87-94

  tick  Internet Dependence And Sensation Seeking In Youth With Moderate Cerebral Palsy - صفحه:95-102

  tick  Designing A Computerized Neuro-Cognitive Program For Early Diagnosing Children At Risk For Dyslexia - صفحه:103-110

  tick  Word Order Acquisition In Persian Speaking Children - صفحه:111-116

  tick  Comparison Of Agonist Vs. Antagonist Stimulation On Triceps Surae Spasticity In Spinal Cord Injury - صفحه:117-124

  tick  Investigating The Impact Of Dual Task Condition And Visual Manipulation On Healthy Young Old During Non-Dominant Leg Stance - صفحه:125-134

  tick  Relationship Between Social Function And Social Well-Being In Older Adults - صفحه:135-140

  tick  Internet Addiction In High School Students And Its Relationship With The Symptoms Of Mental Disorders - صفحه:141-148

  tick  Investigation Of The Relationship Between A Genetic Polymorphism In Actn3 And Elite Sport Performance Among Iranian Soccer Players - صفحه:149-154

  tick  Investigating The Relationship Of Visual Treatment And Rehabilitation With The Quality Of Life And Visual Status In Children With Diagnosed Amblyopia - صفحه:155-164

  tick  Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training In Reducing Depression In Visually Impaired Male Students - صفحه:165-172

  tick  The Effect Of Hydrotherapy On Health Of Cerebral Palsy Patients: An Integrative Review - صفحه:173-180

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