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   Iranian Journal Of Catalysis   
سال:2015 - دوره:5 - شماره:1

  tick  Sfhs: Reusable Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Polyhydroquinoline Derivatives And Its Molecular Docking Studies Against Tyrosine Protein Kinase - صفحه:1-8

  tick  A Facile One-Pot Four-Component Synthesis Of Dihydropyrrol-2-Ones Using Cl3cco2h - صفحه:9-14

  tick  Tetramethylguanidiniumtriflate Catalyzed Henry Reaction Of Isatins: An Efficient Synthesis Of 3-Hydroxy-3-(Nitromethyl)Indolin-2-One Derivatives And Their Anti-Diabetic Activity - صفحه:15-19

  tick  Synthesis Of Functionalized Aryl-Alkenes Catalyzed By Cn-Ortho-Palladated Complex Of 2,3-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde Oxime Under Microwave Irradiation - صفحه:21-31

  tick  Multicomponent Preparation Of Highly Functionalized Piperidines Using Fecl3.6h2o As An Efficient Catalyst - صفحه:33-39

  tick  L-Proline Catalyzed Synthesis Of Naphthopyranopyrimidines Via Multicomponent Reaction - صفحه:41-48

  tick  Fe3o4/Fdu-12: A Highly Efficient And Magnetically Separable Nano-Catalyst For Oxidation Of Alcohols - صفحه:49-56

  tick  Nano Tio2@Sio2 As An Efficient And Reusable Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Multi-Substituted Imidazoles - صفحه:57-63

  tick  Melamine Trisulfonic Acid: An Efficient And Recyclable Solid Acid Catalyst For The Green Synthesis Of Biscoumarin Derivatives - صفحه:65-71

  tick  Rapid, Convenient And Solvent-Free Green Approach For The Synthesis Of Aryloximes Using Zno Nanoparticles As An Efficient Catalyst - صفحه:73-78

  tick  Sucrose Catalyzes Synthesis Of 2-Amino-4h-Chromene: Insight To The Kinetics - صفحه:79-87

  tick  Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Activity Of Schiff Base Cu (Ii) Metal Complex - صفحه:89-95

  tick  Tetranitromethane: As A Multipurpose Reagent - صفحه:97-99

  tick  Ammonium Carbonate: As A Dual Source Reagent - صفحه:101-103

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