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   Iranian Journal Of Catalysis   
سال:2014 - دوره:4 - شماره:4

  tick  Reflux Condensation Synthesis And Characterization Of Co3o4 Nanoparticles For Photocatalytic Applications - صفحه:219-226

  tick  Operating Condition Effect On Achieving Higher Propene Yield In Propane Oxidative Dehydrogenation Process - صفحه:227-233

  tick  Fe(Hso4)3/Sio2: An Efficient And Heterogeneous Catalyst For Cyclization Of 2-Aminochalcones To 2-Aryl-2,3-Dihydroquinolin-4(1h)-Ones - صفحه:233-239

  tick  Kinetics Investigation Of The Synthesis Reaction Of 2,3-Dihydroquinazolin-4(1h)-Ones In The Presence Of Acetic Acid As A Catalyst - صفحه:241-246

  tick  Maltose As A Green Catalyst For The Synthesis Of 3,4,5-Substituted Furan-2(5h) Ones In Water - صفحه:247-251

  tick  Synthesis Of Substituted Trisphenols By Use Of A Double Acidic Ionic Liquid Under Solvent-Free Conditions - صفحه:253-260

  tick  Polymer/Hio4: An Efficient Catalyst For Solvent-Free Synthesis Of 2-Naphthol Azo Dyes - صفحه:261-265

  tick  Modified Biginelli Condensation By Molybdate Sulfuric Acid As A Powerful And Reusable Catalyst - صفحه:267-272

  tick  [B(Oh)3]0.78[B(Oh)2(Oso3h)]0.22 As A New, Cheap And Eco-Friendly Catalyst For Synthesis Of Acylals At Room Temperature Under Solvent Free Conditions - صفحه:273-279

  tick  Li(Ohch2ch2nh2)(Cf3oac): A Novel And Homogeneous Acidic Ionic Liquid Catalyst For Efficient Synthesis Of 2-Amino-4h-Chromene Derivatives - صفحه:281-288

  tick  Zrp2o7 Nps: A Recyclable, Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst For The Synthesis Of 1,6-Diamino-2-Oxo-4-Phenyl-1,2-Dihydropyridine-3,5-Dicarbonitrile Derivatives Via A Multi-Component Reaction - صفحه:289-294

  tick  Highly Efficient Synthesis Of Carboacyclic Nucleosides Catalyzed By Zinc Oxide In 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Bromide (Zno/[Bmim]Br) - صفحه:295-303

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