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   Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin   
سال:2014 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  Short Term Administration Of L-Carnitine Can Be Detrimental To The Ischemic Heart - صفحه:1-3

  tick  Immunomodulatory Nature And Site Specific Affinity Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Hope In Cell Therapy - صفحه:5-13

  tick  Evaluation Of In Vitro Anthelmintic Activity, Total Phenolic Content And Cytotoxic Activity Of Crinum Latifolium L. (Family: Amaryllidaceae) - صفحه:15-19

  tick  Effects Of Enzyme Induction And/Or Glutathione Depletion On Methimazole-Induced Hepatotoxicity In Mice And The Protective Role Of N-Acetylcysteine - صفحه:21-28

  tick  Protective Effects Of Nigella Sativa On Metabolic Syndrome In Menopausal Women - صفحه:29-33

  tick  Anxiogenic Effects Of Acute Injection Of Sesame Oil May Be Mediated By B-1 Adrenoceptors In The Basolateral Amygdala - صفحه:35-42

  tick  Aberrant Phenotype In Iranian Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia - صفحه:43-47

  tick  The Anti-Inflammatory Effect Of Erythropoietin And Melatonin On Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury In Male Rats - صفحه:49-54

  tick  Nucleostemin Depletion Induces Post-G1 Arrest Apoptosis In Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia K562 Cells - صفحه:55-60

  tick  Analysis Of Carotenoid Production By Halorubrum Sp. Tbz126; An Extremely Halophilic Archeon From Urmia Lake - صفحه:61-67

  tick  Biochemical Effects Of Energy Drinks Alone Or In Combination With Alcohol In Normal Albino Rats - صفحه:69-74

  tick  Isolation And Antimicrobial And Antioxidant Evaluation Of Bio-Active Compounds From Eriobotrya Japonica Stems - صفحه:75-81

  tick  Impact Of Caffeine On Weight Changes Due To Ketotifen Administration - صفحه:83-89

  tick  Cloning Of Soluble Human Stem Cell Factor In Pet-26b(+) Vector - صفحه:91-95

  tick  Efficacy Of Combination Therapy Of Statin And Vitamin C In Comparison With Statin In The Prevention Of Post-Cabg Atrial Fibrillation - صفحه:97-100

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