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   Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin   
سال:2012 - دوره:2 - شماره:2

  tick  Development And Validation Of An Hplc Method For The Analysis Of Sirolimus In Drug Products - صفحه:135-139

  tick  Preparation And Evaluation Of Tretinoin Microemulsion Based On Pseudo-Ternary Phase Diagram - صفحه:141-147

  tick  Fluoxetine Improves The Effect Of Levodopa On 6-Hydroxy Dopamine-Induced Motor Impairments In Rats - صفحه:149-155

  tick  Development Of A Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction Technique For The Extraction And Spectrofluorimetric Determination Of Fluoxetine In Pharmaceutical Formulations And Human Urine - صفحه:157-164

  tick  Zero Flow Global Ischemia-Induced Injuries In Rat Heart Are Attenuated By Natural Honey - صفحه:165-171

  tick  Degenerative Effect Of Cisplatin On Testicular Germinal Epithelium - صفحه:173-177

  tick  Protective Effect Of Prosopis Cineraria Against N-Nitrosodiethylamine Induced Liver Tumor By Modulating Membrane Bound Enzymes And Glycoproteins - صفحه:179-182

  tick  Lactose Engineering For Better Performance In Dry Powder Inhalers - صفحه:183-187

  tick  Resistance To Reperfusion Injury Following Short Term Postischemic Administration Of Natural Honey In Globally Ischemic Isolated Rat Heart - صفحه:189-196

  tick  Protective Effect Of Ginger On Gentamicin-Induced Apoptosis In Testis Of Rats - صفحه:197-200

  tick  A Comparison Of Verapamil And Digoxin For Heart Rate Control In Atrial Fibrillation - صفحه:201-205

  tick  Antimicrobial And Cytotoxic Activity Of Three Bitter Plants-Enhydra Fluctuans, Andrographis Peniculata And Clerodendrum Viscosum. - صفحه:207-211

  tick  Synthesis And Pharmacological Evaluation Of Some New Pyrimidine Derivatives Containing 1,2,4-Triazole - صفحه:213-222

  tick  Dichloromethane And Methanol Extracts Of Scrophularia Oxysepala Induces Apoptosis In Mcf-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells - صفحه:223-231

  tick  Association Between Thrombophilia And Repeated Assisted Reproductive Technology Failures - صفحه:233-237

  tick  Iontophoretic Permeation Of Lisinopril At Different Current Densities And Drug Concentrations - صفحه:239-244

  tick  Determination Of The Mutagenicity Potential Of Supermint Herbal Medicine By Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis In Rat Hepatocytes - صفحه:245-248

  tick  Esmolol: A Unique Beta-Blocker In Maintaining Cardiovascular Stability Following Neurosurgical Procedures - صفحه:249-252

  tick  How Spherical Crystallization Improves Direct Tableting Properties: A Review - صفحه:253-257

  tick  Phytochemical Screening And Antimicrobial Properties Of A Common Brand Of Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Marketed In Nigerian Environment - صفحه:259-263

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