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  tick  An Ecrm Model For Banking Industry In Iran - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Online Shopping Research Over The Last Two Decades: A Literature Analysis - صفحه:17-26

  tick  Effects Of Lct On Marketing Mix In Electronic Tourism, Shaping Marketing Strategies In E-Tourism Enterprises - صفحه:27-40

  tick  The Simulation Of Sleep Function In Artificial Human Brain Using Computer Technology - صفحه:41-52

  tick  An Investigation Of The Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction With Electronic Banking In Isfahan - صفحه:53-64

  tick  Developing A Fuzzy Mcdm Model For Evaluating Internet Banking Performance In Iran Based On Critical Success Factors (Csf'S) - A Case Study - صفحه:65-80

  tick  Mobilizing Intelligent Crm: A New Approach To Mobile Customer Relationship Management - صفحه:81-88

  tick  Role Of Electronic Commerce In Financial Development Case Study: D-8 Group Countries During The Period 1975-2009 - صفحه:89-98

  tick  Citizen'S Trust In E-Government: A Conceptual Model - صفحه:99-116

  tick  Measuring And Evaluating The Quality Of Service For Customers Based On A Hybrid Approach Of E-S-Qual, E-Recs-Qual And Fuzzy Topsis In The Insurance Companies - صفحه:117-132

  tick  Model Of Improvement E-Business Success On The Organizational Performance - صفحه:133-144

  tick  Investigating The Psychological-Social Factors Influencing The People Attitude Toward E-Commerce - صفحه:145-158

  tick  Option Of Non-Separation And Right To Cancelation In E-Contracts - صفحه:159-166

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