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   Aut Journal Of Electrical Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:49 - شماره:2

  tick  A Review Of Application Of Signal Processing Techniques For Fault Diagnosis Of Induction Motors – Part I - صفحه:109-122

  tick  Data Hiding Method Based On Graph Coloring And Pixel Block‘S Correlation In Color Image - صفحه:123-129

  tick  Performance Analysis Of Mono-Bit Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (Difm) Device - صفحه:131-140

  tick  Cascaded Multilevel Inverters With Reduced Structures Based On A Recently Proposed Basic Units: Implementing A 147-Level Inverter - صفحه:141-150

  tick  Investigating Direct Torque Control Of Six-Phase Induction Machines Under Open Phase Fault Conditions - صفحه:151-160

  tick  Optimization Of Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Electricity Generation Expansion Planning Problem Based On Newly Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm - صفحه:161-171

  tick  Increasing Voltage Gain By New Structure Of Inductive Switching Dc-Dc Converter - صفحه:173-178

  tick  Measurement And Computational Modeling Of Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Power Density Around Gsm Base Transceiver Station Antennas - صفحه:179-186

  tick  Combination Of Transformed-Means Clustering And Neural Networks For Short-Term Solar Radiation Forecasting - صفحه:187-193

  tick  Implementation Of A Low-Cost-Multi Imu By Using Information Form Of A Steady State Kalman Filter - صفحه:195-203

  tick  Internal Fault Detection, Location, And Classification In Stator Winding Of The Synchronous Generators Based On The Terminal Voltage Waveform - صفحه:205-213

  tick  K-Complex Detection Based On Synchrosqueezing Transform - صفحه:214-222

  tick  Combination Of Feature Selection And Learning Methods For Iot Data Fusion - صفحه:223-232

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